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Dust extraction system for ROLL single disc grinding machines

Universal dust extraction system, suitable for all ROLL-machines for absolutely dust-free work!


Keeps the air 100% dust free.


The dust extraction system is mounted to the preinstalled machine; the suction hose with adapter is connected to a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner.


All single disc grinding machines (RO-3000, RO-2200, RO-1800) are already preinstalled to connect this system. Also suitable for previous models of single disc machines – upon request.


Recommendation! We recommend keeping the dust extraction system always mounted!


Article: 19.14210

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Product images of ROLL dust separator

ROLL dust separator

Maximize the efficiency of your industrial vacuum cleaner!


The ROLL dust separator captures up to 99% of the dust before it reaches your vacuum cleaner, no filter clogging and no loss of suction. Thus, the durability of the filter and the vacuum cleaner is substantially increased. Easy to use, effective in the result.


+ No loss of suction
+ No clogging of the filter
+ Easy to empty
+ with high quality castors


Delivered with cyclone, 45l steel tank, wheeled base, connectors and hose.


Article: 19.15032

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