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Parquet shunting tool 55cm

Robust model, with PE-anvil, beveled point.


Article: 19.15701

Tapping block for laminate and parquet

Tapping block Universal

Made of Polyethylene, with 2 working edges, 300x70mm.

Article: 19.15704


Tapping block 6mm

Made of Polyethylene, 6mm x 400mm for laminate.

Article: 19.15705


Tapping block 11mm

Made of Polyethylene, 11mm x 400mm for parquet.

Article: 19.15706


Tapping block flat

Made of Polyethylene, 400mm for laminate and parquet.

Article: 19.15707

Engineers hammer

TÜV/GS tested



Article: 15.12870



Article: 15.12860

Rubber hammer white 800g

To knock on the planks when laying laminate and LVT floorings.


Article: 15.12830

Laminate board cutter Straticut

For cutting laminate boards and MDF, simple and fast application within seconds.

For material from 6 to 10mm.

Dust-free, without electrical connection.


Technical specification:
Length: 68cm
Weight: 6,5 kg
Max. cutting width: 210mm

Support stand included.


Article: 15.12952

Adjustable wall spacer

For laying parquet and laminate. 


Article: 19.15725

Parquet stripping blade

Blade of hardened steel, sharpened, with wooden handle.


40 mm

Article: 19.15730


60 mm

Article: 19.15740


90 mm

Art. Nr.: 19.15750

Flex spatula (double blade)

To apply and plane liquid materials.
With rounded edges.


Straight blade

Article: 15.13098



Article: 15.13099

Rubber spatula 300mm

For precoating.


Article: 15.13320

Replacement roller

Replacement roller "Mohair"

Professional roller cover made of Velour, 4mm pile height, 250mm wide, for 8mm bow. Suitable for the application of oil. Delivery without bow.

Article: 19.15801



Replacement roller "Pacific"

Professional roller with a special polyester blend cover, 11mm pile height, 250mm wide, for 8mm bow.Suitable for coating and sealing of soils with aqueous systems. Delivery without bow.

Article: 19.15803



Replacement roller "Industria"

Professional roller with nylon cover, 12mm pile height, 250mm wide, for 8mm bow. Well suited for floor coatings. Delivery without bow.

Article: 19.15810



Replacement foam roller

Professional roller made of foam material, rounded on both sides, 80 mm outer diameter, 250mm wide, for 8mm bow. Suitable for sealing. Delivery without bow.

Article: 19.15811

Bow for roller 8mm

for 250mm roller.


Article: 19.15813

Precoat and adhesive roller

250mm with bow and unroll grid.
For simple coatings, adhesive application, etc.


Article: 19.15805

Telescopic rod

Adjustable till 2m. Suitable for Spiked spreading knives, spiked rollers and rolls.
Made of aluminium, solid model.


Article: 19.15815