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CCM moisture measuring instrument

CCM moisture measuring instrument

Calcium-Carbide moisture measuring instrument for measuring moisture in screed.With shock-proof manometer. Direct reading of the CM%.Including: 20 carbide ampoules, 1 00g spring scale, beaker, hammer,lump hammer, flat chisel, steel ball set (4) and accessories.In metal carrying case.Digital manometer and printer upon request


Article: 20.14396


Application video


Carbide ampoules for CCM, pack of 25 units

Article: 20.14400


Carbide ampoules for CCM, pack of 1 00 units

Article: 20.14410


Testing ampoules for CCM, 1 0 x 1 gram

Article.: 20.14391

Caisson moisture indicator VI-D4

Moisture meter for concrete and screed moisture.


The meter has different scales for measuring moisture in different materials. The gold-plated spring electrodes measure via electrical resistance. The 2 sensor plates use dielectric properties to measure the moisture content of the soil down to a few centimeters deep. The combined result of the measurement is output via the display. The high-quality transflective graphics display guarantees perfect readability of the
values under all lighting conditions even in bright daylight. Recommended as a pre-tester for CCM devices to determine the wettest point.


Article: 20.14421

Caisson moisture indicator

Very easy to use – switch ON – apply to the surface – read off digital result – compare with chart.Especially for concrete and screed, as well as wood.Non destructive measurement. Digital LCD. Measure depth till 3cm.Measure sensor located at the bottom. Automatic power switch OFF.With battery. Soft leather carrying case included.Ideal pre-tester for CCM to find the moistest area.


Article: 20.14420

Hydromette Compact B

For measuring moisture in building materials, without damaging any surface.Very easy to use, with universally applicable ball sensor. In pocket size.With digital LCD. With battery.Ideal pre-tester for CCM to find the moistest area.


Article: 20.14610

Caisson Thermo- and Hygrometer

Very easy to use – switch ON – adjust temperature or humidity measuring – lift the meter in the air – read digital result.


For fast measuring of air temperature and air humidity, measuring in °C or F.
With dew point table on the rear side of the measuring instrument.
Automatic power switch OFF. With battery.
Soft leather carrying case included.
With calibration certificate.


Temperature: from -10 till +50°C
Humidity: from 5% to 99%
Humidity tolerance: +/- 2%
Temperature tolerance: +/- 0,3 °C


Article: 20.14422



Surface temperature sensor

For exact measuring of the surface temperature and thus dew point.
For plugging in Caisson Thermo- and Hygrometer.

Article: 20.14423

Surface hardness tester RI-RI

For measuring of surface bonds and strength according to „scribe fences“.
Consists of 2 parts, punched sheet (stainless) and a special hard metal pencil.


Article: 16.14074

Measuring wedge

Aluminium 0-20mm, for measuring uneven subfloors.


Article: 15.12313

Steel angle

100 x 50cm zinced, rigid.


Article: 15.13520

Straight steel edge

205cm zinced, rigid, with facet.


Article: 15.13530

Threshold ruler

Adjustable 75 – 110cm, stainless.


Article: 15.13540

Leveling spatula

Stainless, with adjustable side edge from 2–15mm.


Article: 15.13086

Steel ruler

Stainless, slightly roof-shaped,
8cm wide, furled.


Length: 205cm

Article: 15.13590


Length: 405cm

Article: 15.13600


Length: 505cm

Article: 15.13610


T-head 50cm

For steel rulers, to adjust 90°

Article: 15.13588

Template kit for steps

The 6 arms of different length are positioned and settled at the corners of the step. That way the dimension of the step can be transferred fast and exactly on to the flooring.


Article: 16.14080