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For the professional installation of resilient floor coverings, the installation tool used is just as important as the skills of the installer.


ROLL GmbH offers a complete range of installation tools for installation of resilient floor coverings such as linoleum, PVC and rubber.

Grooving machine Easy 5000

For grooving all kinds of synthetic floor coverings, linoleum and rubber. Very handy machine which follows uneven floors easily and guarantees professional grooving results. Powered with gear which ensures constant rotation.

With stepless adjustment of grooving depth. Side wheel adjustable for coverings with nubs. With vacuum system to connect vacuum cleaners for chip free work.

With metal carrying case and carbide blade.


Technical specification:
Power: 830 W, 230 V
Rotation: 5000 rpm
Weight: 4,5 kg
Carbide blade: 130mm, 1 2 teeth
Cutting depth: 0 - 5,0 mm stepless


Article: 16.13670


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Carbide blade for Grooving machine Easy 5000

130 x 3,2mm, 12 teeth trapezium


Article: 16.13680

Diamond blade for Grooving machine Easy 5000

130 x 3,3mm, for safety floor coverings


Article: 16.13690

Linocutter ROLLlino

Professional seam cutter for linoleum and PVC floor coverings. Overlaying lines of lino can be slit and cut exactly in the right position of the underlaying material.



  • robust baseplate runs on bearings and thus the Linocutter ROLLlino slides easily on top of the floor – important for sensitive design floor coverings and PU-coated floor coverings
  • blades are slightly bent hich ensures effortless scribing/cutting
  • stepless adjustment of cutting width and cutting depth
  • due to the cut-out in the baseplate the Linocutter ROLLlino can be lead easy at the edge of the floor
  • Linocutter ROLLlino works with customary trapezium or hook blades
  • besides trapezium blades also hooked blades can be added:special advantage: thin floor coverings can be cut in one step
  • blade changing without extra toolh


Article: 15.12639

Strip cutter Vario

Professional tool for cutting stripes of linoleum, PVC and rubber floor coverings.

Can also be used as an edge trimmer. Stepless adjustment of the cutting width.

Ergonomic design.

With the unique ROLL-3-blades-system – due to the slightly inclined blades floors can be cut very easily.


Strip cutter Vario 110

For stripes from 0 to 110mm

Article: 15.12421


Strip cutter Vario 355

For stripes from 0 to 355mm

Article: 15.12425


Cutting bar for strip cutter Vario

For stripes from 0 to 110mm

Article: 15.12428


Cutting bar for strip cutter Vario

For stripes from 0 to 355mm

Article: 15.12424


Spare blades for strip cutter Vario

Pack of 20 blades

Article: 15.12423

Edge Trimmer ROLLlino

For cutting production edges. Easy cutting due to the special position of the blades. Ergonomic design.Blade changing and blade adjustment easy and fast.


Edge Trimmer ROLLlino 12mm

For 12mm cut

Article: 15.12434


Edge Trimmer ROLLlino 22mm

For a wider cut of 22mm

Article: 15.12436


Spare blades for Edge Trimmer ROLLlino

Pack of 10 units

Article: 15.12435

Product image of the Edge- bevel cutter

Edge- bevel cutter

To clean and bevel the cut edge when laying of LVT Design Flooring planks or tiles. This ensures that the planks are assembled precisely.


With ergonomic handle design and rotating blade.

Blade change without tools.


Article: 15.12448

Detail image of the Edge- bevel cutter
Application image of the Edge- bevel cutter

Pressure roller RO-26

with 26 ball bearings for comfortable and firm pressing the seam when laying LVT vinyl design flooring, linoleum and PVC, carpet etc.

Working width 130mm with a total of 26 ball bearings.


Article: 16.14030

Floor scriber

Combined tool, can also be used as a short scriber for base boards.
Pointed blade and needle included.
Article: 16.14060


Pointed blade

Pack of 5 units

Article: 16.14061



Pack of 10 units

Article: 16.14062

Height scriber

To mark a fix height e.g. for base boards, from 10 to 150mm.
Robust model. Pencil included.
Delivery in a convenient box.


Article: 16.14051

Corner knife

Exchangeable special blade for individual applications.
(comes without blade)

Article: 16.13984


Blade No. 1, Pack of 2 units

Article: 16.13988


Blade No. 2, Pack of 2 units

Article: 16.13986


Blade No. 3, Pack of 2 units

Article: 16.13987


Blade No. 4, Pack of 2 units

Article: 16.13985

Hand groover

With 5 blades

Article: 16.13950


Spare blades

Pack of 10 units

Article: 16.13960

Hand groover for safety floor coverings

Article: 16.13981


Spare blade

Article: 16.13982

Hand groover for rubber and PVC floor coverings

With U-blade

Article: 16.13970


Spare blades

Pack of 10 units

Article: 16.13980

Triangle scraper of carbide

Hand groover for safety floors. Carbide blade included.

Article: 16.13968


Spare blades

Article: 16.13969

Leister welding machine Unifloor E with Air Knife Nozzle

For welding PVC, rubber, lino and polyolefins. Delivery with special squeezed welding nozzle for universal use. With digital display for all important welding parameters. With integrated wall switch and automatic start. With unwind construction. Electronically controlled heating and stepless controlled air flow. Delivery in carrying box.


Technical specification:
Power: 2300 W, 230 V , 50/60Hz
Temperature: 20 - 620°C stepless
Air flow (20°C): 300 l/min
Speed: 1,0 - 7,5 m/min
Air flow range: 50 – 100%
Noise emission level LpA: 67 dB
Size (LxBxH): 420 x 270 x 215mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
3m cable


Article: 16.13892

Leister hot air tool Triac ST

The successor to the legendary Leister Triac S is characterized as its predecessor through handling, reliability and versatility. For welding PVC, rubber, polyolefins and lino floors. Ideal to use with Welding car 16.13795. Incl. Round nozzle 16.13830. Delivery in carrying case.


Technical specification:
Power: 1 600 W, 220 V
Temperature: 40–700 °C, stepless


Article: 16.13796

ROLL Hot air welding case

In delivery included:

  • Leister hot air tool Triac S (16.13796)
  • Hand groover (16.13950)
  • Speed welding nozzle (16.13860)
  • Quarter moon knife (16.14040)
  • Trim guide (16.14050)
  • Round nozzle (16.13830)
  • Diamond knife sharpener 150x60mm (16.13865)


Article: 16.13797

Round nozzle (tip)

For welding with speed welding nozzles.

Article: 16.13830

Round nozzle (tip) for radiators

For welding under radiators. In conjunction with speed welding nozzles.
Article: 16.13785

Speed welding nozzle

Speed welding nozzle

5mm: for 4mm welding wire

Article: 16.13860



Speed welding nozzle 5/2mm

For welding sensitive PVC- floor coverings, thinner wall coverings. With narrowed slot (2mm) to concentrate the heat stream straight into the center of the seam.

Article: 16.13856


Speed welding nozzle 5/1mm

Polyurethan nozzle – For welding sensitive PVC- floor coverings, thinner wall coverings. With narrowed slot (1mm) to concentrate the heat stream straight into the center of the seam.

Article: 16.13855

Cleaning brush for nozzles

Made of brass to clean welding nozzles.
Size: 300x100x5mm

Article: 16.13872

MOZART trimming knife

Safe and fast tool for trimming the welding wire.
Replaces quarter moon knife and trim guide – both in one tool.
With integrated pre-cut slide, exchangeable blade. 1 blade included.
Article: 16.14025


Spare blades for MOZART trimming knife

Pack of 5 units

Article: 16.14026

MOZART SpeedTrimmer

For extensive trimming works. The relaxion- and ready cut can occur in a way (combination cut) and in straight position (ergonomics). Cutting procedures, blades and distance forks are identical to the Trimming Knife. Delivery without rod.
Article: 16.14024


Telescopic rod for Mozart SpeedTrimmer

Article: 16.14023

Quarter moon knife

For trimming welding wire. Both sides sharpened.

Article: 16.14040

Quarter moon knife, angled

For trimming welding wire. One side sharpened.

Article: 16.14041

Trim guide

For Quarter moon knife.

Article: 16.14050


80x50x20mm. Recommended for removing slightly burned or shining stains.
For grinding, polishing, matting or cleaning metal, paint, wood, ceramic
and plastic materials.

Article: 16.13861

Pressure rollers

4-parts, 50kg, width 500mm

Article: 15.13620


3-parts, 34kg, width 370mm

Article: 15.13630


Transport cradle for lino rollers

Article: 15.13635

Pressure cork


Article: 15.13510

Pressure hammer

Made of one piece, forged, with polished claw hammer.

Article: 15.12840

Cold welding liquid 1 litre

Premium cold welding liquid for cold welding PVC and CV.Recommended by all well-known manufacturers.In conjunction with Working tool 1 , for 300 – 400m seam.

Article: 16.14100


Working tool with nozzle 1 (A)

For cold welding liquid, for new, tightly cut seam (<1mm).
Bottle with thin needle nozzle.

Article: 16.14090

Repair paste 1 litre

Used with working tools 1 6.1 41 20 or 1 6.1 41 50, for 200m seam.

Article: 16.14130


Working tool with nozzle 2 (C)

For cold welding liquid or repair paste, for old, badly cut seams,
shrinkings and PVC base weldings (>1mm).
Bottle with round nozzle to pour liquid in it.

Article: 16.14120


Working tool with nozzle 2 (C) special

For repair paste, for PVC wall coverings.
Bottle with slotted nozzle (extra wide nozzle).

Article: 16.14130

Cleaning bottle

Includes cleaning liquid for cleaning and storing used nozzles.

Article: 16.14160

PVC paste remover 1 litre

For cleaning and matt finishing of dirty and shiny seams.

Article: 16.14170

Cold welding liquid in tubes

Premium cold welding liquid for cold welding PVC and CV. Recommended
by all well-known manufacturers. Tube of 50g for approx. 25m seam.


Tube with nozzle 1 for new seams (< 1mm)

Article: 16.14180


Tube with nozzle 2 for old seams (>1mm)

Article: 16.14190