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Pre-cutter RO-Stripmaster

Pre-cutter RO-Stripmaster

Perfect tool for pre-cutting strips on resilient and textile floor coverings as preparatory work before stripping.


Adjustable working angle and adjustable handles allow ergonomic working while standing.


Works with a standard hook blade.Blade change without tools.


Article: 17.18900


Application video

Carpet clamp "de luxe"

A Must-have, additional to our stripper machines!
Ergonomic design, made of a special aluminium-alloy.


Article: 17.14630

Produktabbildung der Fußbodenschaber mit Teleskopstiel

Flooring scraper with telescopic handle

Robust model. Telescopic handle included.
Length from 97 to 175cm. Blade width 210mm.
Slightly inclined scraper head for more aggressive work.


Article: 15.12655


Spare blades for Flooring scraper

210mm, Pack of 10 units

Article: 15.12657




Hand-held scraper "Allway"

Blade width 100mm.
With one single turn the blade can be fixed or loosen.


Length 250mm

Article: 15.12650


Length 500mm

Article: 15.12645


Blades for hand-scraper 100mm

Pack of 100 units

Article: 15.12600

Hand-held scraper 250mm

Blade width 100mm.
Scraper for universal use.
With hammer end.

Article: 15.12641


Blades for hand-scraper 100mm

Pack of 100 units

Article: 15.12600

Hand grinding stone

Made of silicium carbide, 50x50x200mm


Grit 20

Article: 19.13479


Grit 40

Article: 19.13480

Tungsten carbide block 200mm

Due to side edge very effective alongside walls.
Size: 200x100x20mm.


Grit 24

Article: 19.13485


Grit 36

Article: 19.13486

Hand grinding stone „flash“ 200mm

Made of silicium carbide, due to holes very aggressive.
Size: 200x100x35mm


Grit 24

Article: 19.13482


Grit 36

Article: 19.13481