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ROLL Bullystripper

ROLL Bullystripper with T-handle

Floor stripper to remove old floor coverings.


As always the most functional weapon against old floor coverings as carpet, lino,
PVC and CV.


2 in 1: a multi-purpose machine for larger areas as well as small fields which are difficult to reach like stairs and niches. With T-handle to work in a comfortable upright position, which can be removed to work with the Bullystripper like a hand tool. With premium attachment-parts for a long service life. Delivery incl. carrier with wheels standard blade for universal use.


Technical specifications:
Power: 2200 W, 230 V
Weight: 14,5kg
Working width: 210mm


Article: 17.14575


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Application videos

Blades for Bullystripper

Blade for Bullystripper

Standard blade 60x210mm for universal use

Article: 17.14580


Blade for Bullystripper "plus"

Special blade 60x210mm hardened, 1,5mm thick, with higher wear resistanceit

Article: 17.14582


Blade for Bullystripper 130x210mm

For soft floor coverings

Article: 17.14590


Jumbo blade for Bullystripper

With anti-stick coating (Teflon) and waved cut, ideal carpets with felt back, PVC and lino. 210mm.

Article: 17.14595


U-blade for Bullystripper

60mmx210mm with U-shape 45° bending. For soft floors.

Article: 17.14592