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ROLL polycarbonate chair mats

ROLL chair mats are made of polycarbonate and protect all kinds of floor coverings.
Features: odourless and totally emission-free, free of PVC or vinyl,
100 % recyclable, UV-stabilized, ideal for allergy sufferer, extremely strong,
suitable for floor heating system, recommended for chair castors.

ROLL chair mats smooth - for hard floor coverings

With non-slip coating at the bottom. For parquet, PVC, lino and all smooth surfaces,
also thin carpets. 100% Polycarbonate without recycling. Thickness 2mm.


  925 x 1200mm12.11450
1000 x 1200mm12.11451
1150 x 1200mm12.11452
1500 x 1200mm12.11453
1850 x 1200mm12.11454
2000 x 1200mm12.11455
3000 x 1200mm12.11456
Rund Ø 1000mm12.11457


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ROLL chair mats with spikes - for carpets

For carpets. 100% polycarbonate without recycling. Thickness 2,75mm.


  930 x 1200mm12.11500
1000 x 1200mm12.11505
1150 x 1200mm12.11510
1500 x 1200mm12.11515
1850 x 1200mm12.11520
2000 x 1200mm12.11525
3000 x 1200mm12.11530


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Tongue cut-out per chair mat

All sizes are available with cut-out, alongside or broadside.
Within sizes 3000x1200mm every form is available according to drawing.

ROLL anti slipping grip tape

Premium, self adhesive non-silp grip tape, very durable, with excellent characteristics. I t can be applied onto most surfaces to provide anti slip protection and safety standards e.g. onto stairs, entrances, ramps, public areas, boats, sanitary areas, trucks and buses.
For outdoor application we recommend to use edge sealer.



Black50mm x 18m14.11160
Transparent50mm x 18m14.11161
White50mm x 18m14.11162
Red50mm x 18m14.11163
Green50mm x 18m14.11164
Grey50mm x 18m14.11165
Fluorescent50mm x 18m (luminous)14.11166
Blue50mm x 18m14.11167
Brown50mm x 18m14.11168
Grey50mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11169
Neon yellow50mm x 18m14.11171
Safety color50mm x 18m (black/yellow)14.11172
Grey, coarse50mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11174
Transparent50mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11175
Black14mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11200
Grey14mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11201
Beige14mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11202
Black28mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11205
Grey28mm x 18m (aqua safe, quality for bare foot areas)14.11206


Further widths and sizes upon request.


Edge sealer

For anti slipping grip tape, for outdoor applications.Based on PVC, tubes of 50g.

Article: 14.11173


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